Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Weekend

Last weekend, we took a mini-vacation to Albuquerque. Ann's sisters and their children and grandchildren came with us and we went to Cliffs Amusement Park. Those kids rode rides from noon until 7pm. I was already exhausted when we went back to the hotel. But the kids oviously were not. Ann and I swam with the kids in the pool until 9 pm then we all went back to our rooms for pizza and beers. Andres and Cruz jumped on the beds and watched cartoons (cable is a miraculous thing for them). When we finally passed out around midnight, we all slept like logs.

Speaking of logs, check out the great facial expressions here after the first (of 3) time the boys went on the log ride! It was a great time, perfect weather, good company. Now we are getting ready for Cruzer's 4th birthday on the 22nd. We are having a backyard party on the 25th.